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River Test Distillery


It starts with the location. At The River Test Distillery, Sarah and Jonathan Nelson craft ‘True River Spirit’ on the banks of the world famous River Test, in the heart of the English countryside in Hampshire.

The river is internationally renowned for its fly fishing and ‘gin-clear waters' and it is this backdrop that provides the inspiration behind The River Test Distillery.

Sarah and Jonathan wanted to make an outstanding gin, a gin which both complements a premium tonic and is distinctive enough to be enjoyed neat, as a sipping gin, simply with ice.  Their gin is the spirit of the river and its botanicals in a bottle, which in itself tells their story.

Choose from either their award-winning London Dry Gin - a classic with gently honeyed, floral notes and infused with handpicked meadowsweet flowers.  Or their special edition Chalkstream Gold which has a superbly smooth mouthfeel. Juniper takes centre stage, complemented by the subtle sweetness and unique flavours of Maris Otter barley. Bay and rosemary add a touch of complexity to the bright and botanical blend.


The distillery is situated in a setting that contains two Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) – the meadow and the river.  This conservation designation means the land must be managed appropriately to conserve the special features of the two sites. Sarah and Jonathan are proud that they have overseen the management of these vital areas and improved the conditions of these SSSIs.

The River Test Distillery is Winner of the Gin Masters Medal 2020 and Winner of the 'Best English London Dry Gin' in the World Gin Awards 2020.

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