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New Forest Tea Company


At the New Forest Tea Co. they believe it's not “just a cup of tea” and even the simplest cup of tea should be an experience to savour. They strive to provide an experience in every teacup and that’s why they only use full leaf tea sourced from the finest estates the world over in their compostable tea bag. All the tea estates used are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership which ensures better working conditions and education for all the hard-working tea pickers without who the New Forest Tea Company wouldn’t be able to do what they do.

From the early days of planning New Forest Tea Company they were determined that their product would leave no trace and that's why they invested in the latest packaging from several innovative suppliers.

Much has been made in recent times regarding the prevalence of plastic particles in high street/supermarket teabags and rightly so. For many years and still today, many companies continue to use teabag linings that are harmful to the environment and do not break down naturally. New Forest Tea Company are proud that their beautiful tea pyramids are not only packed with flavour but are 100% plastic-free and can be home composted. Each bag is made from cornstarch and will break down naturally once disposed of.
The New Forest Tea Company are committed to leaving no trace and doing our bit to maintain areas of natural beauty such as the New Forest for future generations.

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