Choc Fudge Cake Cut

New Forest Cake House


After 30 years of bringing up a family and pursuing other careers, John and Sara decided to take a leap of faith and work together on a business that they have been passionate about throughout their lives.

With the birth of their granddaughter, this rekindled Johns passion for baking and he was thrilled to be able to make her christening cake, with lots of design ideas from Sara. This then led to birthday cakes being made for family and then followed 4 wedding cakes, one for our youngest son and our 3 nieces.

They took over Pauline’s Pantry in 2018 and have maintained the previous high standards along with introducing new lines and a dietary range suitable for gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.

They take great pride in their cakes and realise that the quality of the ingredients they use is key to the finished product.

They do not use cake mix in any of their cakes or puddings and they ensure that each cake produced reflects how a homemade cake should be.

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