Mozzo Coffee Cup

Mozzo Coffee


Mozzo want to make the world a braver and fairer place. Coffee is their vehicle by which they aspire to set an example for how the world could be different.

Striving to be balanced and progressive in all they do, they continually seek to maximise the social impact, minimise the environmental impact and share the commercial value of their efforts.

Founded in 2005 from a wind and solar powered art covered coffee cart, Mozzo is a group of people committed to sharing passion and knowledge for serving high quality, consistent and remarkable coffee experiences both in and out of home.

They buy exceptional coffee from people they trust to create great tasting blends for people to enjoy. 

Building a solid business model to carry their vision forward, they set up the Community2Community Fund™ in 2015 and into it invest 1p per capsule, 1p per brew bag and 10p for every kg of coffee sold. The Fund sets out to support the constructive progression of coffee farming communities, find out more here

Cool beans and happy coffee drinking… 

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