Hattingley Rose Labels Feature Image Oct 2021

Hattingley Valley


From its birth as a farm diversification project, Hattingley has grown to become one of the leading wineries in the UK. Simon Robinson planted his first vineyard in 2008. The eco-friendly winery was purpose built in 2010 under the guidance of award-winning Head Winemaker and Director, Emma Rice, and now has a capacity of 600 tonnes.

Hattingley has over 100 awards to date and three ‘World Champion’ trophies in the cabinet; they are one of the most respected producers of English sparkling wines in the country. All of their wines are Vegetarian & Vegan friendly.

The Silver-washed Fritillary Butterfly features heavily throughout Hattingley’s branding; the Silver-washed Fritillary Butterfly is a summer resident in the South facing chalk-based vineyard indicating a healthy environment with a rich biodiversity. The Fritillary isn't seen everywhere but it's a lovely thing to behold, a bit like our English sparkling wines...

Sustainability remains at the forefront of Hattingley's minds:

  • Their loose fill chips are made from starch material, EcoFlo is a fully compostable void fill material and is 100% biodegradable. The chips are also fully soluble when saturated with water.
  • Their cardboard boxes can be put in with your household recycling.
  • Their single bottle corrugated sleeves are an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and biodegradable protective solution.
  • All their booklets can be put in with your household recycling.
  • Their wine bottles can be placed into your household recycling as normal.
  • Their corks can be sent to recorkeduk.org where they can be repurposed into various products or donated to charities and schools for use in craft projects.

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