The Real Cure - Dorset Bresaola 55g (2* Great Taste Award)

The Real Cure

The Real Cure - Dorset Bresaola 55g (2* Great Taste Award)

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2 Star Great Taste Award 2019 A delicate cure of crushed bay leaves, red wine and rosemary. The long ageing process combined with the highest quality grass fed beef makes this a very special product. Perfect for any charcuterie board or serve with rocket and parmesan shavings for the ideal summer lunch. Here’s what the Great Taste judges said - “Calm, full, complex aroma which draws you in and makes you want to taste it. Lovely tear to the slice and a texture in the mouth that is firm enough but melts. Gentle tang with warmth and light smokiness, which is mellow and fills the mouth in a creamy way. A wonderful balance of warm spices and a meaty flavour which is very harmonious and rounded."


Award winning bresaola made using grass-fed Dorset Aberdeen Angus beef. Beef 96%, salt, sugar, herbs and spices Once opened, please keep in fridge.


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