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Mavrik Drinks

A Mavrik Tale...

What started as a casual conversation relating to what was perceived as a total absence of decent tasting alternatives to the usual alcoholic tipple, ended up becoming three guys' obsession and passion – how could they create a range of great tasting, low calorie alcohol-free cocktails?

And so, eighteen months and hundreds of tasting sessions later, Mavrik was born - a great tasting range of healthy, virgin cocktails.

Mavrik is a range of non alcoholic, low calorie cocktails that look good, taste great and are conveniently packed in 250ml cans. They are not just cocktail substitutes but crafted drinks with a unique appeal in their own right for free-spirited adults who are happy to avoid alcohol and its after effects.

Apply the appropriate garnish and a scoop of ice and you have a delicious long drink that will leave you feeling fresh and alert, free of that cloying sugary after-taste.

Hugo, Tony and Andrew hope you enjoy drinking them as much as they have enjoyed creating them.

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