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Giddy Nibbles


Gourmet cheese biscuits to slice & bake at home

Giddy Nibbles are the creation of two friends who love cooking, and a nibble and a natter. Their range of delicious savoury biscuits go perfectly with a glass or wine or a lunchtime bowl of soup, delivering home-baked deliciousness in moments. Slice one of their gourmet rolls of artisan cheese pastry, bake for 10 minutes, and enjoy melting, crunchy bites of cheesy heaven.

Giddy Nibbles are bake-at-home cheese biscuits, delivered wrapped in greaseproof paper printed with cooking instructions and designed to line a baking tray. The ingredients are simple:  British artisan cheese, butter, flour and herbs and spices. The taste is sophisticated comfort food in the form of a crisp yet melting cheese biscuit. Customers unwrap their Giddy Nibbles rolls, slice into discs, and put in the oven. Just over ten minutes later the kitchen is filled with home-baked aromas and a plate of all-natural treats is ready to enjoy.

Two of the most popular Giddy Nibbles varieties are made with Ford Farm Coastal Cheddar aged for a minimum of 15 months, and Lyburn Old Winchester, aged approximately for 18
months. The cheeses were chosen after months of recipe testing and flavour sampling in order to get the right flavour and a bake that would hold together while still being deliciously cheesy.

The Giddy Nibbles name came from the concept of the ‘giddy hour’, a treat in the form of a warm from the oven cheese biscuit. A special part of Giddy Nibbles’ appeal is the ease with which they can be stored in the fridge, ready to bake and deliver a taste you can’t get from a packeted biscuit.

Giddy Nibbles are a product of lockdown, and evolved from walks talking about recipes and favourite food producers. We are proud to be all-natural, British and a promoter of fabulous local produce.

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