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Dampney's Remarkable Drinks


The Dampney family have been sharing their hipflasks of homemade sloe gin for generations and it was time for a little experimentation. Why not try some other fruits using the same method? Dan Tanner’s ‘Pick your own’ farm at Sopley in the New Forest was on the doorstep and Dan was happy to supply surplus fruit, so the trials began. The only problem being that the fruit they were using had previously been fed as a treat to Dan’s red deer. Unfortunately for them, they are now on reduced rations!

Dampney’s are very versatile liqueurs. People have told us they drink them straight from a hip flask or as a shot over ice. Others have recommended the Raspberry range to pep up a prosecco and others say the Gooseberry Gin makes a most refreshing G & T in the summer. However you drink them, savour the flavours of the countryside and garden which these liqueurs evoke.

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