BBQ Chicken

Cut to the Smoke


Born out of a longstanding love of outdoor cooking, meats, seasonings and marinades, Cut to the Smoke is the place to go for your premium BBQ rubs...

Cut to the Smoke was started from a longstanding love of the outdoor cooking and sharing this with friends. Founder and owner, Nigel, began developing dry rubs and seasonings to enhance the cooking experience.

Having used many off the shelf products, he was disappointed that many were heavy in low-cost ingredients including salt and raw cane sugar and when it came to chilli’s he found that all they bought to the dry rubs were a little heat.

At Cut to the smoke, Nigel wanted to develop his products using different ingredients. They use coconut sugar not only for its natural properties but it brings such a deep molasses taste and aroma to the cook. It also does not burn or char as easy as normal sugar resulting in less of a crumbly burned coating.

As for the chilli’s they wanted to use them to bring flavour not heat to the products. They blend Ancho, Mulato, Pasilla and Guajillo to name but a few to bring fantastic aromas and tastes to the blends.

When they have to use salt they limit the use of it but only use Oak smoked sea salt which brings unique layers of smokey flavours to the blends.

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